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Archived Message:

Compiling PDFs

Pooja Hi,

Just wanted to share with you all a great software that I discovered for creating professional looking PDF files. It's called JAWSPDF Creator and is available atwww.jawspdf.com.It has fantastic features and is easier to learn than Adobe and at the same time you get the same quality that you would with Adobe products. Have a look at my review atwww.want2learn.com/jawspdf.htm


P.S This is not an Ad... they don't even have an affiliate prog. I just wanted to share with you this software coz I had been looking for a good PDF maker for like ages and I found nothing as good as this before.

Posted on: 2:46 am on March 16, 2002
justjeni HI,
I was just looking at this out of curiosity and have two questions, if you don't mind answering!  First, what type of data do you use this for?  And second, this pricing list - I don't get it.  It looks like they're saying 2,800 dollars???  That cannot be- -can it?  Here's how they have the pricing listed:
50 User  Euros - 3,200  United States - 2,800  
100 User  Euros - 5,100  United States - 4,500  
Unlimited User  Euros - 13,600  United States - 12,000  

I'm dense with this stuff, sorry...

Posted on: 2:36 am on March 21, 2002
Pooja Hi,

Of course I don't mind answering your questions.

I am not sure whether you want to know what I use the PDF creator for or in which software I create my source files, but am just going to type in both. Just skip the one you are not interested in :-) I create eBooks, worksheets and lesson plans with the PDF creator. Since they are educational, I need hyperlinks n bookmarks to jump to related topics. Though the PDF creator can be used with any application, I am most comfortable with MS word, and its just a one click conversion to PDF. I can add forms, graphics, bookmarks n hyperlinks in it.

The price part must be a mistake. Actually they have three products - PDF creator, courier and server. I guess the last two ones are not for individuals and maybe those are the expensive ones. The pack I got - PDF Creator is $120 for 1 user. Since am just a 'one-person-company' and it has all the features that I want in my PDF file so am satisfied with it :-)

The reason I liked the software is its pretty easy to load and use. I watched my friend struggle with adobe acrobat and compared to that I can create the same file in less than 2 mins.

If you want to discuss tech details, I could forward you the email of the representative at Jaws PDF.


Posted on: 3:49 am on March 21, 2002
Pooja In continuation from my earlier msg. -- I just checkedup the pricing on the site and the one you mention is for Jaws PDF Server. I think that's for a network of computers rather than for a single user.

For the PDF creator, there's also a try-before-you-buy option available, so you can download the eval version and then decide whether its the one for you.

Thanks :-)


Posted on: 4:01 am on March 21, 2002
EbookHeaven Hi Pooja,

I'm not certain that I have the answer to your question, but in case this helps, I thought I would post it.

Jaws PDF Creator (Win version) is $120 to buy at epublishstore (http://www.epublishstore.com)

Is the above what you want? You mentioned "server" not "creator" so I might be completely off here, but the Jaws PDF Creator is a tool that allows you to "print" any document to PDF files--it even allows dragging and dropping of files onto its icon on the desktop.

Posted on: 12:58 pm on April 15, 2002
harv Converting Activ Ebooks to  PDF

I'm looking at the possibility of duplicating my
Active E-books in PDF format.

I'm just evaluating a trial version of Jaws PDF
Creator. It will take one HTML page and produce a PDF

Before I get too involved in the Help manual does
anyone know how to convert a whole Activ Ebook (i.e
lots of linked HTML pages) into one PDF file ?


Posted on: 5:41 pm on March 28, 2003
Pooja Hi Harvey,

For converting from web pages to PDF I think you should use HTML2DOC which is a freeware as far as I know. I can't find the homepage of this software right now but I think you can find it atwww.download.com.Will keep you posted as soon as I get the link.

With warm regards,


Posted on: 7:29 am on March 29, 2003
KC I haven't actually used this because I have Adobe Acrobat but it might be worth a look:


It's freeware so there's nothing to pay.

Posted on: 1:39 pm on April 29, 2003


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