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Archived Message:

pro compiler

Ann Anybody used this software before atwww.ebookcreator.comor sometimes known as procompiler. It looks very simple to use and a good price at moment.
Any feedback welcome guys

Posted on: 1:53 pm on August 28, 2001
GSSGeomatics Edited by EBookCompiler

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Posted on: 3:16 pm on August 31, 2001
GSSGeomatics Edited by EBookCompiler

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Posted on: 3:23 pm on August 31, 2001
EbookHeaven Hi Ann,

I own ebookCreator, but I rarely use it anymore. I create my ebooks using various compilers to give my customers more choice in which format to buy. Over the last few years I have learned which formats sell best, and so I have adjusted my format list.

I no longer offer titles for the Rocket handheld, or ebooks based upon HTML (ebookpro, ebook creator, E-ditor2.0) There is nothing wrong with such formats except that no one would by my fiction using them.

I now concentrate upon Mobi Pocket (Handhelds), PDF (Win & Mac), MS Reader (best for desktops & laptops)

I have a rather large collection of compilers, all of which I bought while learning what to do. Now that I know, I realise the only ones I need are:

Readerworks publisher--http://www.overdrive.com

(Edited by EbookHeaven at 2:16 pm on April 15, 2002)

Posted on: 2:13 pm on April 15, 2002
Neenah13 Hi Ann,

I have it, and it is easy to use.  I talked a bit more about it on another post here someplace. I keep coming back to Activ EBook, though. Especially for my picture books.

I was about to say I don't understand why people don't like HTML for fiction. Then I remembered the books I bought from Hardshell . . . They use HTML, but I think it's just code generated from MS Word--whatever version. You have to scroll the whole way down. And I have seen some pretty ratty formating in these and some other ebooks I bought. The stories are good, so I try to ignore the flaws.

I don't do my books in one continuous page. I break up each chapter into 5, more or less, equal page files. Makes it easier for me to do the table of contents that way, and I use page transitions. Makes it fun. I enjoy creating the backround graphics for each novel.

I have seen other fiction done this way, and I like it so much better than a loooooooooonnnnnnngggggggg stretch of black on white. So boring, and it's not book like to be.  Give me colors and pix!  This is the main reason I haven't tried to get my stuff published by an ePublishing company. I can do the same thing they do, and do it better. Now, marketing and promo---that's where I need improvement!

Anyway, the couple of books I did with Ebook Creator turned out pretty well, I had to put my source folder closer to the C:/ directory though. It'll only open up folders just so far and that's it.

Good luck!


Posted on: 4:07 am on November 15, 2003
Doug Champigny Hi, Ann!

As a web designer and marketer by trade, I LOVE ebookCreator - anything I can design in HTML I can add to the e-book, copy-protect as much of it as I want, use expiring passwords, limited-view trials, time-limited trials, etc. And being able to generate up to 1,000 passwords for one book pretty much ensures that even those passing it around won't be able to open the copies.

Personally, I like books with relatively short pages, little or no scrolling at all. Check out my post in the free ad section to see one such design - very simple, clean and easy to read.

E-Book Creator gets 2 thumbs way up from us!

Posted on: 4:31 am on January 18, 2004
weblord i like ebookcreator and i just purchased it last March 11, but until now i haven't got a response not even a word from Jimmy D. Brown and I emailed possible email that he owns from his different domains and I already contacted clickbank so I can have a refund, too bad i like the software so much esp. the rebranding software but it was not delivered to me. I howler and I emailed after 48 hours to give me the permanent serial number for my userid of my ebookcreator downloaded from his site but until now im just **** ed off and never got a reply from him. i can back it up with receipts and even replies from clickbank, even clickbank contacted him. i hope this post will get his attention

Posted on: 7:14 am on March 17, 2005
Neenah13 Strangely enough, while people seem to download my sample chapters in pdf most, the romance title that sold last Thursday was my HTML version compiled with Active Ebook Compiler - my official HTML compiler.

It's my very first sale, so I'm pretty happy. Hoping for many more.

Posted on: 4:11 pm on March 17, 2005
Storyman Neenah13,

Would you mind giving some specifics about the set-up of the romance title. For example, are any chapters unlocked?

Posted on: 4:59 pm on March 17, 2005
Neenah13 Hello Storyman!

I give away the first three chapters and have made up separate eBooks for those. Nothing is locked. If anyone wants the rest of the story, they'll get a brand new file with the whole story in it. A link back to the site is provided in the bio page at the end of the book.

I've even autographed them! The romances. I don't think I did that for the kids' book. Should.

Each of my chapters in all of the eBooks except one are or will be five pages long. I may play with doing shorter pages sometime, but my romances are close to 400 pages long in print, which means a lot of coding. The kids' books are around 240 to 300 pages long.

I hate using Word for HTML since it buries my stories so deeply in useless shtuff that I have trouble finding my text. Five pages per chapter made it easier on me.  I also used page transitions in them. Makes it a little more booklike.

I actually prefer WordPerfect, but had to get into Word because the editing jobs I get are generally in Word.

You can find my samples here:http://www.dreamwindwhispers.com/dlj.html

I've been accepted into Amazon's edoc program - they want the HTML all in one long file....sigh...I'll have to recompile for them, but whatever is on my sites will NOT be one long file. Ever!

Ah, and it better not mean I have to use Word to make that one long file!

Holler if you want to know more.


Posted on: 12:57 am on March 18, 2005


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