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Archived Message:

Converting word to HTML

Murray Hughes Hi,

I just bought ebook edit pro but when I tested it I didn't try making a multi-page book.

After buying I did try it with multi pages (I saved my ebook as an HTML file in Word) but in ebook edit pro it created a book with just one very long page.

How can I convert my "MSword" ebook to an "ebook edit pro" ebook and still keep my formatting (ie create a 93 page book just like it is in the word document)?

Thanks very much,
Murray Hughes

Posted on: 5:01 pm on August 1, 2004
BillDugan When you saved your word document as an HTML file, it was saved as one large file, not seperate files for each page (or chapter or section).  When eBook EditPro compiled your file, it created just one page because that's all there was to compile.

If you want your eBook divided into pages, you would need to create a word document for each page (or chapter or section).  If you wanted to have a Table of Contents or and index, you would also need a file that contains links to each of the pages (or chapters ...).

In my opinion, using Word is not the optimal situation.  It creates a lot of extra and unneeded HTML code when you save as HTML.  This bloats your file size.  It would be better to use an HTML editor.  There are several good one available for free.

And if you can use word, you can learn to create basic web (HTML) pages.  By learning to set up a template for each of your pages, it becomes a matter of copy and paste your material into your template.

This is my first post here, so I may be breaking the rules to say that I have a website and an eCourse of Instruction that will teach you to do just that very thing.  But the truth is that I am trying to earn a living doing this, and I see nothing wrong with pointing out that I may be able to help you.  Visitwww.digitaldollarware.comand see if what I offer can be beneficial to you.  You can also email me if you have any questions at all.

Posted on: 1:51 am on August 2, 2004
Storyman Bill,

Nice job on the e-books. I think you're developing a nice site and have bookmarked it. You might want to run them through a spell check though ("Magic Story" has error in first sentence).

Posted on: 7:10 am on August 4, 2004
BillDugan Hi Storyman,

Thanks for visiting my site and downloading one of the free eBooks.  And thanks for pointing out the mistake.  I have corrected it and recompiled the eBook and uploaded the new version.

Another note on the "Magic Story" eBook - a version of this classic is available on many many sites as a free download.  Most of these have been compiled with an older compiler, and will open only once, after which the user is greeted with an I/O 32 error message.  I offer my recompilation as a freebie to anyone who wants to distribute it from their own website.

Posted on: 2:13 pm on August 4, 2004
Murray Hughes Hi Bill,

I did find a way to create the book from my original word document without saving each page individually as a separate document.

I used ClicktoConvert to convert the entire document to html while preserving all my embedded links, graphics and pages, even my header and footer.

Each page was generated as a separate, numbered html file, making for easy assembly once loaded into  your ebook editing software

I trialed a lot of conversion software but ClicktoConvert did it best and is very simple to use once you select the options which suit best.


Murray Hughes

Posted on: 5:40 am on August 5, 2004
BillDugan I had not heard of ClicktoConvert before this.  I have downloaded the trial version and will certainly give it a look-see.  It appears to be a very useful tool for eBook creation.

I visited your website - very interesting.  If I may ask, what is the eBook that you have created?  I'd be interested in taking a look.

Posted on: 1:29 pm on August 5, 2004
Murray Hughes Yes, ClicktoConvert seems very convenient.

My ebook is completely unrelated to Internet Marketing so you may not be interested.

I'll have it up in a few days and let you know

ps. this site I list in my sig file is being renovated...will be much nicer soon

Posted on: 4:56 pm on August 5, 2004
Storyman Murray,

Interesting site you have. I especially enjoyed the bio and how you stated the lesson learned. A lot of people would benefit from reading your experience.

Posted on: 4:41 pm on August 7, 2004
Murray Hughes Thanks very much Storyman,

I appreciate your comments.


Posted on: 5:36 am on August 8, 2004


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